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Our team has over 40 years of experience in rehabilitation therapy and services. We are ready to help your team reach their full potential with excellent outcomes for your residents.

Our Purpose

To deliver: with gratitude towards therapy driven services...

+ Prompt

Same day resolution to an operational concern.

+ Effective

Precise/Detailed outcomes

+ Ethical

Strict adherence to all State and Federal practice guidelines

+ Professional

Courteous, technical focus on topic noted

+ Customer Focused

Specific site focus, with one on one attention

Therapy services management to your therapy team.

What People Are Saying About High Point Therapy

  • Since working with HighPoint Therapy,
    I am more educated on the importance of addressing & recognizing outcomes in section GG. I am able to educate my staff to evaluate GG sections better with focus on the importance of functional outcomes & goals. This education has improved my treatment as a therapist. Working with Highpoint Therapy has been a very positive experience for me as a DOR. Before as a contract employee I was unable to get one on one education regarding functional outcomes.

    Lisa Callahan, PTA DOR
  • Prior to switching to Highpoint Therapy, our major struggle was finding coverage & filling open positions. Since the switch, we have had great success with filling all of our open positions, including Speech Therapy, which had been a major struggle in our building. We have had great success with our speech therapist since High Point Therapy took over. Greg & Paul are so approachable, knowledgeable, and dependable. Working with High Point, I have excelled in my position as a Director of Rehab and gained knowledge needed to succeed in this role.

    by andreathehub
  • When I transitioned to the DOR position, I was both nervous and excited by the challenge. The nervousness was eased by High Point Therapy Management Team. They displayed knowledge, kindness and patience, taking the time to break new learning tasks down, and proceeding at a pace with which I was comfortable.

    Sherry Buchanan COTA/L,DOR


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